The Life of the House, How Rooms Evolve

book11 life-228FOR ENQUIRIES REGARDING ANY OF HENRIETTA'S BOOKS, SEE THE 'ENQUIRY' SECTION ON THIS WEBSITE                                                                                                                                                          Henrietta’s latest book celebrates the life of great rooms over the years and the evolution of their architectural features and interior decoration. Featuring a stunning selection of historic homes in both England and the US, the books reveal the best of architectural and furnishing details from the last three hundred years, with ideas of updating these spaces for modern living.

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Georgian Style and Design for Contemporary Living

classic-georgian-styleShowcasing a portfolio of Henrietta’s work with insights into how the design process works on a practical level, whether you are restoring an eighteenth century property of looking to build or furnish a new house in Georgian style.

Classic Entertaining

classic-entTo bring elegance and style to your entertaining with a wealth of inspirational ideas and practical guidance for all occasions.  Whether it’s formal dinner or lunch or a casual brunch or afternoon tea, Henrietta provides expert tips on how to create a sophisticated setting using the finest table setting pieces such as china and glassware – a true insight into the life behind the scenes of some of Britain’s most beautiful and historical houses.

Blenheim and the Churchill Family

book9 Blenheim-120A rare personal insight into Henrietta Spencer-Churchill’s family home, Blenheim Palace.  Packed with never-before-seen photographs and correspondence from family archives – this is the inside story on one of Britain’s greatest houses, and Winston Churchill’s birthplace.  In 2005, Blenheim celebrated the 300th anniversary of the foundation stone being laid

Classic Georgian Style

classic-georgianLooking at the styles and fashions of the time, Henrietta gives a real sense of Georgian England – the refined elegance of the furniture and the classic lines of the architecture.  She examines the house in its setting, the landscaped garden and exterior detail as well as the interior of the home.  A final sections provides a palette of paint colours to enable all enthusiasts to emulate classic Georgian style.

Classic Interior Design

classic-int-design Henrietta turns to her key area of expertise, architectural detail.  In this comprehensive guide to the best of three centuries worth of decorating styles illustrating classic styles from Europe and America this book shows how elements of these styles can be adapted for today’s home.

Classic Fabrics

classic-fabrisAn invaluable source of inspiration and information on fabrics from medieval tapestries through to today’s man-made fabrics, looking at the history behind the textiles as well as showing how fabrics can be used in today’s home.  Also includes a directory of individual fabrics describing the textures and patterns and suitability as furnishing fabrics to inspire the professional and home decorator alike.

Classic Design Styles

clasic-design-stylesHenrietta uncovers periods from both the key European and American traditions, and shows how elements can be used today.  From Medieval to Victorian times, building and interiors are shown in all their beauty.  This is the perfect companion for recreating period living in your home.

Classic Decorative Details

classic-dec-detThis book is a wealth of inspirational ideals to help transform an ordinary interior into a very special, stylish place.  Focusing on the art of the finishing touch, Henrietta shows you how to become an instant expert on classic detail – from hanging pictures and displaying books, to collecting silver, glass and ceramics, you’ll be shown what to look for, how and where to find things and the best way to display them.

Classic Meets Contemporary

classic-meets-contemporaryA visual testament to the talents of twelve international designers chosen to exhibit at the prestigious British Interior Design Exhibition in 1997, Regents Park.  Including Henrietta’s own visionary work, the English Country style of Joanna Woods, the eclectic chic of Tessa Kennedy, or the avant-garde approach of Peter Wadley and Christopher Nevile, this book is a showcase exploring twelve unique influences, philosophy and different approaches to interior design.

Classic English Interiors

classic-eng-intClassic English Interiors reveals the life behind the scenes at some of England’s most beautiful houses including her ancestral home of Blenheim Palace, with an inspirational pictorial survey of rooms of all types from halls and stairs to dining and drawing rooms. Packed with hundreds of ideas drawn from tradition, this book is a style statement for the enthusiast of English design and an invaluable reference work for the home decorator.